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If you are looking to enhance any level of photographic skills, check out my photography workshops and classes below!  From one-on-one mentorships to group trips in fun locations, my hands-on training with easy-to-follow teaching will fit any level of photographic experience.  I can tailor any class to any size group, whether it be an private class for one person or a group trip.  I care about each student and fully guarantee a great experience with each class, or your money back, no questions asked!  After the class, I encourage my students to stay in touch with me to answer any questions more fully.  I also offer past student and multi-class discounts (contact me for more details)!  Use the contact form above or contact me in any of the ways below to sign up!

Phone: (828) 443-8731

Email: cathyandersonphoto@gmail.com

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Twitter: @cathyanderson27


Experience level: BEGINNER

New Christmas or birthday gift? Pair a personalized class with a new camera to make sure that your loved one harnesses the full power of a new camera!  Join me for a personalized, hands-on class tailored to your own specific needs (class size 1-2 people) that will show you right where to start.  In this personalized class, you'll learn key concepts like camera operation, exposure basics, and composition.  Combine the power of a great camera with a solid knowledge of light and uncover the greatest potential for your new equipment!


Experience level: BEGINNER

Did you get a new camera, but don't know where to start?  Instead of scouring Youtube and Google and getting frustrated with where to start, book a beginning class with me for solid, personal, face-to-face training!  We will begin in the classroom as we cover the basics of exposure, composition, and lighting, and then travel into the field to give you hands-on assignments that will help you apply what you learn.  Classes are available in full-day and half-day sessions.


Experience level: INTERMEDIATE

Pre-requisite: Photography 101-Learning the Basics

After you master the basics of your camera and fully understand exposure, we will dive deeper into more advanced photographic concepts. This class will cover composition, light direction, post-processing, and build on concepts taught in our photography 101 class. We will travel into the field to create more complex photographs and discuss how to use composition and the importance of photographing at the right time of day to help your landscape photography come to life. Classes are available in full-day and half-day sessions.


Experience level: ADVANCED

Pre-requisites: Photography 101, Taking Your Photography to the Next Level

Ready to create photographs in beautiful landscapes and really build on what you’ve learned? After mastering the basics of exposure, composition, and what defines “good light,” students in this class will be ready to explore the basics of portraiture, introducing artificial light (flash), light painting, and bringing personality into your portraits. We will continue to build on the skills learned in previous classes and teach new concepts that will continue to strengthen your photographic knowledge. We will travel into the field to create beautiful portraits in outdoor locations using a variety of lighting conditions. At the end of this class, students should possess a basic knowledge of how to “light anything, anywhere.” Classes are available in full-day and half-day sessions.


Experience level: INTERMEDIATE

Summer nights, no moon, a million stars, and your camera…but no telescope…what do you do? Believe it or not, you can see more than you ever imagined using just your DSLR and a tripod! Join me as we explore the basics of astrophotography (settings, scene selection, light painting, etc.) inside and outside the classroom to learn how to create beautiful nighttime images! We will begin in the classroom teaching the basics of astrophotography and reviewing all of the crucial steps you need to know to create a night sky photo. Then, we will venture out into the night and apply what we learned inside the classroom to create vivid astrophotography landscapes, including the Milky Way, star trails, lighting painting, nighttime portraits with off-camera flash, etc. At the end of the course, you will possess the basic knowledge to create a portrait of the night sky that will wow and impress your friends!


Experience level: ADVANCED

Pre-requisite: Astrophotography Basics

You’ve mastered the basics of creating a nighttime landscape, but how do you raise your astrophotography to another level? Add some flash! From a basic backlit selfie to creative, fully-lit nighttime portraits, we will explore off-camera flash basics combined with astrophotography principles to create dynamic and unique portraits as the Milky Way and stars stretch across the sky above. Whether you are photographing your favorite mountain scene with your friends or a bride and groom under the stars, this class will raise your nighttime portraits to the next level!